What We Do

TrueTitle™ is revolutionizing property rights with blockchain technology.  Our collaborative and open platform will transform the way all assets are managed around the world.  We put the power of property into the hands of the individual.

Built on the OmegaPoint™, our technology stack integrates identity management, document storage and public/key infrastructure using the blockchain.   Individuals, companies and governments will be able to interact with our technology.

Our Platform at a Glance

TrueTitle™ offers a platform for individuals to take control of their assets.

Feature Highlights

Secure Assets

Store your assets on the blockchain with high level encryption

Identity Management

Register your identity and allow others to verify

Secure Documents

Along with your identity, documents can be stored securely and you grant access

Global Directory

Our directory lists companies and organizations on the leading edge of asset management

Certification Program

Show your support for property rights and civil liberties through our certification program


Our platform is designed to be integrated by anyone that supports asset management.

Global Solution

Our platform is global and fully decentralized allowing fast adoption around the world.

Community Support

Join our happy community, get help and start learning new things.

Realizing Property Rights

Examples of the TrueTitle™ Platform

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